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The classic

The Deluxe collection, with its spacious drawers complete with surface mounted handles and its sealable wash basin, is perfect for a busy family.

The wash basin with a plug is available in Solid Surface, composite and natural stone. Base cabinets can be supplied in a matt or high-gloss varnish, in melamine or in veneer. Create your dream furniture, with your desired number of wash basins to suit you and your family.

Deluxe is also available either in sets or tailor-made. The drawers can also be fitted with a bar handle or TIP-ON, instead of surface mounted handles.


  • Depth: 53 cm
  • Available lengths: 75 - 100 - 120 - 150 - 200 - 250 - 300 cm
  • Material wash bassin top: Solid Surface, Composite, Natural stone
  • Available colours: Melamine wood colours, painted matt, painted high-gloss and veneer

The Deluxe collection



75 - 100 - 120 cm


120 - 150 - 200 cm


150 - 200 cm


250 - 300 cm

Available materials and colors

Assenti offers a wide range of colors and materials for this collection.

Materials and colors

Customization is possible

Since all production is executed bij Group Nivelles, customization will often be possible. Contact us to discover all possibilities.

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